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Research Experience

January 2021 - Present

George Mason University, Fairfax, VA

Graduate Research Assistant

Working on optimizing FDM printing parameters for high temperature PEEK polymer using Taguchi Method.

  • Reduced the parameter optimization experiment runs to 27 test runs using taguchi method analysis

June 2020 - December 2020

Arizona State University, Tempe,AZ

Graduate Research Aide

​Worked with Dr. Qiong Nian to study the extrusion principles,and mechanism, and  study the parameters for extruding composite material using a single screw extruder. 

  • Extruded polymer carbon fiber composite wire using EX-6 Filabot

  • Tested mechanical properties of the FDM printed samples using Instron UTS 3400

May 2019- November 2020

Master’s Thesis: “Study Thermal Property of Stereolithography 3D printed Multiwalled Carbon nanotubes filled Polymer Nanocomposite”

Using stereolithography to cure a multiwalled carbon nanotube and polymer composite material to study and enhance its thermal properties. By using an AM method we also tackle the problem of design limitation, cost, and energy problems.

  • Applied material science and synthesis knowledge to fabricate samples with varying concentrations of multiwalled carbon nanotubes in polymer composite material for testing

  • Tested samples based on the testing requirements for thermal conductivity and achieved a 9.76 % increase

  • Successfully integrated stereolithography in the process by using TITAN 2HR by Kudo 3D to print CAD models of composite materials using SolidWorks

  • Developed the relationship between the concentration of MWCNT and the thermal conductivity of the material

January 2020– July 2020

Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

Research Volunteer

Worked under Dr. Xiangjia Li as a research volunteer to build an SLA 3d printer with an immersed surface accumulation system to print micro and macro-scale objects as well as print objects in free form.

  • Working on the optical system of the printer

  • Assembly and cad modeling of the printer

March 2019– July 2019

Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

Research Aide

Worked under Dr. Qiong Nian as a Research Aide for Salt River Project (SRP) to find an alternate solution to the material used for the firewall used between transformers to reduce the cost and maintenance of the firewall.

  • Researched paper for collecting literature on fire-resistive materials

  • Prepared and tested fire-resistant material to company as well as ASTM Standards

  • Evaluated results and made weekly presentations

June 2016- April 2017

Undergrad Final Year Project: “Design and Refurbishment of Electromagnetic Vibration Exciter”

To study the different mode shapes and effects of vibrations on a cantilever beam we fabricated an Electromagnetic Vibration Exciter.

  • Built the design of the 3-D model of the exciter in Inventor 2015

  • Simulated the model in ANSYS and tested on a FFT Analyzer

  • Drafted the report and presented the results

Research Experience: CV
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